Rune Glifberg

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The king of Copenhagen Rune Glifberg. His smooth style and versatility sets him apart from every skateboarder out there. Combine that with his sense of humor and easy-going personality and you get one of the most loved skateboarders of our time.

We wanted to ask Rune Glifberg a couple of questions.

What does it mean being pro, when are you professional and what their thoughts are on skateboard contests.

“Where does the line go for being pro or not?” The way skateboarding is going right now, ams and even non sponsored skaters are sometimes skating better than the pros, so how much it is just image? Another thing we keep asking ourselves is,

“Do skateboard contests add anything positive to skateboarding?” These days, there are more and more skateboard contests and the prize purses are getting higher and higher. Where is all this going? And is it a good thing?

The best thing about skateboarding is that there is no final answer. There are opinions, but no right and wrong and that´s what I love about skateboarding. You do what feels right for you…

  • Date 21-01-2011
  • Client CPH PRO
  • Filed under Skateboardring

Filmed with: Canon 5D mark ll, Canon 7D, Canon 550D, Canon L glass 16-35 2.8 – 24-70 2.8 – 70-200 2.8, zoom h4n sound recorder and Kessler’s Philip Bloom pocket dolly. Check out this link to find out more about the Kessler dolly system. Hands down the best dolly system on the marked.

Interview by: Camilla Jane Lea

Filmed and edit by: Simon Weyhe

Additional filming by:
William Frederiksen
Ewan Bowman
Jacob Solbakken

Music by:
Kasper Bjørke –
Ormen – Ormen –
Peder –
Dokkedal/dixen –

Thanks to:
Bucky Lasek for letting us skate his pool