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A portrait of individuals who go for a hands-on approach to doing things and living life, this chapter zooms in on a party phenomenon that’s as huge as it is nasty and loud: Welcome to “Nasty Mondays”, an infamous night at The Apolo which sees some 1,500 people party hard every week.

Initiated by old-school skaters, tattoo lovers, self-proclaimed “mad minds”, and amateur DJs Sören Manzoni and Max Ochoa aka MadMax, Nasty Mondays has been going strong for half a decade.

What started out in one of the worst streets of town back in 2005 soon took over the city with its musical onslaught: Mixing the wildest sonic cocktail imaginable to initially “kill the nightlife scene”, as Manzoni puts it, they soon attracted skaters, surfers, thirsty locals and visiting students with their eclectic blend of 80s new-wave, grunge, punk, electro and rockabilly.

It honestly doesn’t get much nastier than this.

  • Date 01-07-2011
  • Client Levis
  • Filed under Documentary, SKATEBOARDING
Filmed and edit by: Simon Weyhe